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In addition to my work as a pianist, I have been teaching piano for over 20 years. After training at the conservatory as a concert pianist, I started in my parents' music school where I learned this trade from my father. Now I give private lessons as self-employed teacher in my own music practice. You can contact me for piano lessons for all ages and levels, although I am specialised .

My goal is to provide high quality piano lessons to students from beginners to conservatory level, and from children to adults and seniors. Fun in making music is paramount! That is why I don't only teach classical work (Chopin, Bach etc.), but also and well-known (Beatles, David Bowie, etc.) and modern pop music. I respond as much as possible to the wishes and progress of a student. That is a completely different experience than, for example, standard internet lessons.

Together we look for the method that you like best. I prefer to give piano lessons in my music practice. It lies on the ring road of Joure and is therefore easy to reach by car, public transport and bicycle. Detailed information on these points can be found in the menus or by clicking on the links.

In addition, I also help young talents to participate in competitions, prepare for entrance exams of a conservatory etc.

A highlight is the annual concert where all students can show what they have learned to their family and fellow students at a nice location (varies from year to year).

A spin-off from the COVID lock down is that I also give online lessons via Zoom or Teams!  

I teach on a Bechstein 'M' grand piano. This is a professional instrument with a nice warm sound, yet easy to play. I can advise you in choosing your own instrument. If you've never played piano before, you can start with a keyboard. However, several piano stores also offer options to rent, rent with the right to buy, lease, or purchase instruments with a trade-in guarantee so you can switch to a better instrument over time.

You can contact me by email, phone or WhatsApp (opens in new window).